Kalai Illamani Award (Youngest Cultural Award Recipient)

The Government Award for the best dancer of classical dance preserving the traditional form of art, selected among a hundred nominees, presented once in every five years. Selected from a vast pool of various forms of dance and music, I was awarded for my contribution to Bharatanatyam determined by a panel of State Government representatives and pioneers, Gurus in Bharatanatyam.

First Class with Distinction in Bachelors

This honor is presented to students with outstanding academic qualifications, research work, social contributions, exhibited great leadership skills, and secured internships during the period of four years in Bachelors Of Engineering spent at the University.


International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication, Volume 8, Number 1, p.227-230 (2019)

Hand Region Extraction by Saliency Based Color Component

Hand segmentation becomes a challenging task due to uncontrolled environmental conditions, lighting, rapid motion of the hand and skin colour detection. This paper’s objective is to propose a saliency-based colour model algorithm for hand segmentation under constrained and non-constrained environments.

International Journal of Pure and Applied mathematics , Volume 118, Issue 7, p.185-189 (2018)

Deep Convolutional Neural Network Applications in Image Processing :

In the area of computer vision, artificial deep neural networks have won plentiful contests in pattern recognition and machine learning.Conventional architectures used for dealing computer vision problems are heavily under control on user features. But the new deep learning techniques have provided a substitute for automatically learning problem related features. Therefore, the understanding of what type of deep networks are suitable for a given problem set is a challenging task.


Speaker at DataNatives 2020

The Data Natives Conference is Europe’s biggest data science gathering focussed on exploring the future trends in data science, new economy and debate how the future society will look like.

At the Data Natives Unlimited Conference, the largest network of 70,000 data expert, my area of topic is how AI helped to track domestic violence during lockdown in India.

  • How we built a Named Entity Recognition Model from absolutely zero data
  • How the findings from the project helped Red Dot Foundation-Safecity launch a Public Interest Law (PIL) hearing in the Supreme Court of India to list #DomesticViolence prevention services as essential
  • Panelist at Solved By Design on World Usability Day

    "SOLVED BY DESIGN", an online design symposium, inspired by the "WORLD USABILITY DAY 2020" concept, organized by DESIGN KOLKATA & LEARN UP LABS and supported by Interaction Design Foundation Kolkata Chapter.

    One of the panelists and speaker, talking about the applications of AI and the potential use of AI in helping the track of Domestic Violence on the theme "Human Centered AI".

    WiMLDS - Riyadh Chapter

    Delivered a webinar at Women in Machine Learning and Data Science - Riyadh Chapter, Prince Sultan University, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Lab

    A talk about Data Science/AI/ML & Deep learning applications to solve real-world problems. Attended by more than fifty participants, I provided insights about my projects at Omdena.

    Speaker at Omdena demo day

    Omdena demo day was hosted on the topic "Overcoming Data Challenges in Ai"

    Registered participants included reporters (HBR/Forbes), data leads from Bill and Melinda gates foundation, World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, etc. Delivered a presentation representing the project "Using AI to analyse domestic violence in India during Covid'19"



    Codechef Certified Data-Structures and Algorithms Programme (CCDSAP) -- Foundation Level

    This certification is an assessment of programming proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms under a proctored environment.


    Certified Human-Computer Translator

    MovePhorward is a San Francisco-based community platform that helps future leaders in the tech industry learn how to leverage power skills and techniques in real-life situations. The course takes a hands-on approach to the learning of soft skills, focusing on complex development in the areas of collaboration, persuasion, and taking initiative. Learners improve their skills through proven techniques such as mind mapping, divergent and convergent thinking, visual language, anchoring, making analogies, paraphrasing, active listening and the pyramid principle.

    Deep Learning is transforming multiple industries. This five-course specialization focussed on Deep Learning fundamentals, apply them, and build a career in AI.

  • Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • Improving Deep Neural Networks
  • Structuring Machine Learning Projects
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Sequence Models
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